Club History

The Black Diamond Society of Model Engineers, established in March 1965 as a nonprofit organization, originated from previous model railroad clubs dating back to 1948 in the local area. While our members come from various vocations, our shared passion for railroads unites us through the flanged wheel on the steel rail. The society’s main objectives revolve around fostering cooperation, fellowship, and understanding among individuals interested in Model Railroading. We strive to provide meeting facilities, encourage discussions and information exchange, as well as facilitate the construction and operation of model railroads.

Every April, we commemorate the anniversary of our incorporation with a Charter Night dinner. Additionally, we partake in the camaraderie of fellow hobbyists during our Model Railroader Night, and during scheduled dates from December to February, we host an Open House. Throughout the year, we arrange visits to both individual and club layouts, as well as organize day trips to Tourist railroads, Trolley operations, and Rail museums as opportunities arise.

Within our miniature world of railroads, one can find an array of elements such as trolley cars, turn-of-the-century logging railroads, freight yards, roundhouse operations, passenger stations, farms, villages, coal mines, tourist railroads, and small-town shenanigans, among others. Multiple trains operate simultaneously, traversing bridges, vanishing into tunnels, and gracefully navigating sweeping curves on their way to various destinations. Skilled “Engineers” control the trains while the vigilant “Trainmaster” oversees the overall operation. Switch engines diligently sort cars based on incoming freight manifests and prepare other trains for departures. Additional crews tend to the diesel engine terminal and the steam engine roundhouse, which features an accompanying turntable. By immersing yourself at track level, you can indulge in the joy and fulfillment of Model Railroading, admiring the right of way and reveling in the excitement it brings.